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Are You Ready to Take the GED Tests?

You may wonder if you need some help preparing for the GED Tests. By contacting an adult education resource center in your area, you can learn about preparation classes in local high schools, adult education programs, or community colleges. Staff members at these resource centers can help you decide whether you will need to study for all the tests, or whether you should spend time brushing up in just a few areas.

Call for Guidance

You may wish to talk with someone who can help you identify the best instructional setting for your needs. The National Center for Family Literacy hosts a call center that provides this service. Call the Family Literacy Infoline at 1-877-FAMLIT1 (1-877-326-5481), or visit the National Center for Family Literacy web site for direct access to family literacy program site information in the Family Literacy Program Directory.

Locate Instructional Sites Near You

If you wish to locate the names and locations of all adult education centers and specific instructional programs within a specific radius of where you live, visit America’s Literacy Directory at the National Institute for Literacy (NIFL) web site. Simply enter your zip code to receive a customized listing of nearby programs and locations. The U.S. government also operates a toll-free information number through NIFL at (800) 828-8133.

If you decide you want to study on your own after looking at the sample questions we’ve posted on this site, there are a number of different instructional resources listed below that you can use—ranging from television study aids to official practice tests.

Also, if you feel you need a special accommodation due to a documented disability, contact your local GED Testing Center to learn what steps to follow.

Instructional Resources

There are a variety of tools you can use to help prepare yourself for the GED Tests.

The Official GED Practice Tests
Half-length and full-length GED practice tests, comparable in content, difficulty, and format to the GED Tests, are available in English, Spanish, French, and Canadian versions; audiocassette (English only), and large-print editions (English only); includes score conversion tables. Self-scoring answering sheets also available.

Published by Steck-Vaughn Company
In the United States: (800) 531-5015
In Canada: (416) 255-4491 or (800) 387-7278

GED Connection
GED Connection, from PBS LiteracyLink and KET, allows adults to study at home for their GED credential—watching programs broadcast on most PBS stations. For your local TV schedule, visit the PBS LiteracyLink web site, and enter your zip code in the top right corner of the first page, or check with your local public television station, or call KET at (800) 354-9067.

KET Preparation Materials
In addition to televised GED Connection programs, KET offers free online activities and practice tests at Visit KET's web site or call (800) 354-9067 for a complete listing of GED preparation videos, workbooks, and other instructional products.

Steck-Vaughn Preparation Materials
In addition to the Official Practice Test, Steck-Vaughn publishes a wide range of adult education materials, including GED preparation books and a unique practice site. Visit the main Steck-Vaughn web site for a complete listing of their other instructional products

Publishes a number of instructional materials available for adult basic education and GED preparation courses.

Other Preparation Materials
Other commercial preparation materials for the GED Tests are available from a variety of sources, including Barron's Books, Kaplan, Plato Learning, and the Princeton Review.