GED TEST - Florida High School Equivalency Diploma

General Information

1. What are the GED Tests?
    The GED Tests are designed to provide an opportunity for adults who have not graduated from high school to earn a State of Florida High School diploma by measuring the major academic skills and knowledge associated with a high school program of study that graduating seniors should know and be able to do, with increased emphasis on workplace and higher education. The GED Test battery includes the following subject area tests:
  • Language Arts, Reading
  • Language Arts,Writing
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science

2. How can I prepare to take the tests?
    Passing the GED Tests may require some preparation on your part. Some individuals prepare intensely by taking classes or studying GED preparation books and other materials. Other candidates are comfortable with simply brushing up on a few of the subject areas where they feel they need practice. To determine how you should best prepare for the tests, you can start by contacting local adult education programs sponsored by school districts, colleges, and community organizations in your area. (Check your local telephone directory.) Teachers at these adult education programs can help you decide the extent to which you need to study for the five GED Tests and develop a study plan that is best for you.

3. Where can I take the test?
    The information is just a phone call away (1-877-352-4331) to find your local official testing center. The center can tell you:

Whether you can take the GED Tests
Where to find the Official GED Practice Tests
Where to find a GED instructional program
How much it costs to take the tests
When the tests are given
Other useful information
Call Them!!!!

4. What do the GED Tests look like?
  • The following five subject tests cover academic knowledge and skills in core areas required in a traditional high school curriculum: Language Arts, Reading; Language Arts, Writing; Science; and Social Studies.
  • The following table provides the number of questions and time limits on the GED Tests.
  • Most questions on the GED Tests are provided in a multiple choice format. The only exceptions are Part II of the Language Arts, Writing Test, which requires an essay, and the Mathematics Test, which requires that some answers be calculated and inserted in a grid.
Language Arts, Writing, Part I 50 Questions 75 minutes
Language Arts, Writing, Part II Essay 45 minutes
Social Studies 50 Questions 70 minutes
Science 50 Questions 80 minutes
Language Arts, Reading 40 Questions 65 minutes
Mathematics, Part I 25 questions with optional use of a calculator 45 minutes
Mathematics, Part II 25 questions without a calculator 45 minutes

5. What if I’m only 16 years old?
    In the State of Florida GED candidates must be at least 18 years of age or older unless they have been granted a GED age waiver by the local School Board. Contact the GED Chief Examiner in your county to find out how you can qualify to take the GED test if you are 16 or 17 years of age. GED age waiver requirements vary between school districts.

6. How do I know if I passed the GED tests?
  • To earn a State of Florida High School Diploma you must:
    • Earn a standard score of at least 410 on each of the five GED subtests,AND
    • Earn an overall score of 2250 or higher.
  • Candidates who pass the test are given a State of Florida High School Diploma and an Official GED Transcript. Scores are typically available within 6-8 weeks after the test date.
  • If the candidate fails to earn scores high enough to receive a diploma, he/she can retake all or selected subject area tests to achieve passing scores. Testing centers may require candidates who fail the test to enroll in preparation classes or wait a pre-determined amount of time before attempting to re-test. Candidates may test a maximum of three times on a given test in a single year.