GED TEST - Illinois High School Equivalency Diploma

Information on the Illinois GED Examination

It’s not unusual to hear that adults would like to turn back the time and go back to high school, just so they can graduate and get their high school diploma. This need not only be a dream for citizens of Illinois, as GED will be able to give you an equivalent of that which you long for. If you’re looking for more information about the GED in the state of Illinois, you have come to the right place.

Am I qualified to take the GED in Illinois?
There are a few qualifications for those who would like to take up the GED exam, one of which is that you are a resident of the State where you will be taking it. For the Illinois GED, you must be able to prove your residency of at least 30 days prior to applying. Also, you must be 18 years old and above, to be able to qualify. Another important requirement is that you were not able to graduate from high school, have never received your high school diploma and have not taken the equivalency test for high school.

How is the registration process?
The Education Regional Office in Illinois is in charge of processing all applications and registrations. You will have to go to their office and fill out an application form. After which, they will charge $35 for all the five exams you will be taking. A retesting fee will be charged if you need to take up the exam again.

Is there a specific way to prepare for the GED?
Because the General Education Diploma test is a combination of all the supposed knowledge you should have accumulated during high school, you will be needing a list of the subject areas or topics that will be part of the exam. Most public libraries have an assortment of study notes that you can borrow or copy. The internet is the best place to find reviewers and sample tests, as there are plenty of websites you can download these from. The bookstore could also be a good option, as their shelves are well stocked with books on the GED Examination.

What’s in the test?
The exam will be basically multiple choice, except for some parts that will require you to write an essay. Math, English, Language Arts and Social Studies will be covered in the exam. There will be a total of 240 questions that you need to answer in the span of 7 hours and 25 minutes.

Can I retake the test if I fail?
You have the option to take the test after at least 30 days. Some testing centers only require that you retake the portion where you failed, others will have you take the test all over again. You will need to make 410 points on each of the exams to be able to pass.

Now that you know all there is to know about the GED in Illinois, don’t waste your time pondering on things that might have been if you only stayed in school. You now have the option to better your life with the GED test