GED TEST - Kentucky High School Equivalency Diploma

What to expect on the current GED tests?

The GED tests measure the educational achievement of adults who are not high school graduates and compares their competency with that of high school graduates.  This battery of tests involves some higher-level thinking skills, including application, analysis, comprehension and evaluation.

If you started taking the GED tests prior to January 1, 2002, but did not pass, your scores cannot be carried forward to complete your GED.  You will need to take the entire test on the 2002 version administered at all GED test centers.

The Language Arts--Writing tests measure the ability to use standard English clearly and effectively.

Part I covers Organization (15%) Sentence Structure (30%), Usage (30%), and Mechanics (25%--spelling, punctuation, capitalization).

Part II, the essay, measures the ability to demonstrate logic, organization, and effective use of Edited American English.

  • Parts I and II must be taken together.
  • Part I (multiple choice) consists of 50 items/75 minute time limit.
  • Part II (essay on assigned topic) consists of 45 minute time limit

The Language Arts--Reading test contains questions based on written passages from five areas -- poetry; drama; prose fiction before 1920, between 1920-1960 (75%); and Nonfiction Prose (25%). One or more questions follow each passage.   Test consists of 40 items/65 minute time limit.

The Social Studies test focuses on National History (25%), World History (15%), Economics (20%), Civics and Government (25%) and Geography (15%). No single form of the test includes all of the elements of any of these subjects.   Test consists of 50 items/70 minute time limit.

The Science test covers subjects in the areas of Life Science (45%); Earth and Space Science (20%); and Physical Science (35%--chemistry and physics)  No single examination covers all of the topics.   Test consists of 50 items/80 minute time limit.

The Mathematics test emphasizes Number Operations and Number Sense (25%); Measurement and Geometry (25%); Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability (25%); and Algebra, Functions and Patterns (25%). 

Part I consists of 25 items/45 minute time limit.  Use of a calculator IS ALLOWED and will be provided by the testing center.

Part II consists of 25 items/45 minute time limit.  Use of a calculator IS NOT ALLOWED.

The Mathematics test contains 10 alternate format problems.

How soon until I receive test results?

You should expect to receive your tests results in the mail from the GED office in approximately 15 working days from the day you test.  If you do not have your results within this time period, please contact the testing center.