GED TEST - Louisiana High School Equivalency Diploma

Family, Career and Technical Education

GED Testing

Program Description

The State has a contract with GED Testing Service to supervise the administration of the GED tests in Louisiana. There are approximately 40 testing centers in the state authorized to administer the tests to qualified candidates. During 2007, 9,846 candidates took the test, with 7,226 passing, and a passage rate of 73.4% for Louisiana candidates who took the test.

Eligibility Requirements

Students who are not enrolled in K-12 schools and who are 17 years old or older may be authorized to take the GED tests. Students 17-18 years of age must enroll in Adult Education classes and qualify to sit for the GED Test by passing the Official Half-Length GED Practice Test. The minimum passing requirements for the GED Practice and the Official GED Test are standard scores of 410 on each of five subtests and an overall average standard score of 450 on all five tests.

Those who are 19 years old or older may be authorized to take the test without enrolling in adult education or passing a qualifying test.

·Those who are 19+ years of age can contact the Adult Education program in their area and be scheduled to take the GED.

·Those who are 17-18 years old will have to enroll in the Adult Education program, where they will be required to take classes until demonstration of their readiness to take the GED Test. These qualification criteria will be discussed with each person upon enrollment into the program. The classes are free.

·Those who are 17-18 years old will need documentation from the school system that they have officially withdrawn.

·Special accommodations are available for those meeting the GED Testing Service requirements and completing the proper documentation.

·Those who are 16 years of age will have to satisfy certain criteria before enrolling in an Adult Education program. State law states that a 16-year-old student cannot drop out of the K-12 school system unless that student meets certain hardship criteria:
· Pregnant or actively parenting,
· Incarcerated or adjudicated,
· Institutionalized or living in a residential facility,
· Chronic physical or mental illness, or
· Family and/or economic hardships.

Diplomas and Transcripts

The Division of Family, Career and Technical Education issues the Louisiana High School Equivalency Diploma and official transcript to candidates who successfully complete and pass the GED test. Duplicate diplomas are also issued from this office upon request. The Department receives approximately 15-20 requests per day for duplicate diplomas or transcripts.