GED TEST - Maine High School Equivalency Diploma

Maine GED Testing Policy

Title – Maine High School Equivalency Diploma

Minimum Score Requirements – An average of 450 or greater for the five individual subject area test scores; in addition, each individual subject area test score must be 410 or greater.

Minimum Age for Testing – 18 years old (a 17 year old may test if they have been out of school for one year or have an “Immediate Need” as defined by the State).

Minimum Age for Credential - Same as the minimum age for testing

Residency Requirements – There is no residency requirement for testing. Candidates must have taken at least one of the five tests at a Maine GED Testing Center in order to be awarded the Maine High School Equivalency Diploma.

Requirements for Retesting – There is no state mandated waiting period for retesting, however, local testing centers may impose restrictions based on local school board approved policies.

Application Procedure – Candidates will need to contact the local testing center concerning specific application procedures and testing schedules.

Transcript Policy – GED records are treated as confidential materials at both the state and local level. Information can only be released to the diploma recipient personally or to others upon presentation of a properly signed “Request for Release of Information”. Requests for duplicate transcripts and/or diplomas should be made to the GED Office, Maine Department of Education.

Fees – GED Preparation classes and/or tutoring – No fee for Maine residents.

Testing – No fees for Maine residents.

Transcripts (original & duplicate) – No fee for Maine residents.

Diplomas – Original – No fee

Duplicates - $3.00 fee for each duplicate (check or money order made out to the Treasure State of Maine).

Other Requirements and/or Restrictions – All candidates for GED testing must first take/pass the GED Pre-Test or provide similar evidence (to the satisfaction of the local Chief Examiner) of being prepared to test. Local testing centers may impose additional requirements concerning age waivers, initial testing, and retesting through local school board policies.

Maine GED Administrator – J. Andrew McMahan, Maine GED Administrator, Maine Department of Education, 23 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0023. Telephone: 207-624-6752.