GED TEST - Minnesota High School Equivalency Diploma

GED Information

Title of State Credential:

  • State of Minnesota General Educational Development (GED) Diploma.


  • Persons ages 16 and above who have not completed a high school diploma program
    and are not currently enrolled in classes leading to a high school diploma may be
    eligible to take the GED tests in Minnesota.

Minimum Score Requirements:
  • Minimum standard score of 410 on each of the five tests with an average standard
    score of 450 for a minimum standard score of 2250.

Minimum Age Requirements:

  • Age 19 as prescribed by the Minnesota State Board of Education rules. Minimum age
    requirement may be waived under certain circumstances when supporting evidence
    is submitted to the Minnesota Department of Education.

Circumstances that may warrant waiver of the minimum age requirement include:

• Applicant has been dropped from the school attendance rolls for at least one
calendar year
• Applicant's high school class has graduated
• Employer has indicated that successful completion of the GED Test Battery is
required for employment or occupational advancement (documentation
• Applicant has applied for postsecondary educational institution/financial aid
and has been accepted pending the successful completion of the GED Test
Battery (documentation required)
• Military has indicated that applicant must successfully complete the GED Test
Battery in order to enlist in the United States Armed Forces (documentation
• An Adult Basic Education program or other recognized educational, social
service, or correctional agency has indicated that successful completion of the
GED Test Battery is a written part of the applicant's individual learning plan
and that the applicant has passed a minimum of three of the five official
GED practice tests with a standard score of 500 or above (documentation

Residency Requirements

  • All examinees must be Minnesota residents. Under some circumstances, residents of
    bordering states may take the GED tests in Minnesota. However, test scores are
    sent back to the examinee's home state for processing and issuance of the
    GED diploma.

Retesting Policies

  • Retesting on a form not previously taken is allowed at the discretion of the local chief
    examiner. Evidence of additional preparation/study may be required before retesting
    is allowed.

Application Procedures

  • Application may be made at any one of the official GED Testing Centers in Minnesota.