GED TEST - Montana High School Equivalency Diploma

The Montana General Education Development Testing Program (GED) is a battery of tests which measures a student's academic skills as compared to a high school graduate. If passed, a Montana High School Equivalency Diploma is issued which is accepted by institutions of higher education and employees as equivalent to a regular high school diploma.

Advisory Against Misleading GED Claims
Please be advised that the Montana GED® diploma can be neither earned nor obtained via the Internet or through correspondence programs.  The Tests of General Educational Development (GED Tests) developed by the General Educational Development Testing Service of the American Council on Education (GED Testing Service) extensive preparation and the demonstration of a high level of high school knowledge and academic skills.  The GED Tests are administered in Montana only at Official GED Testing Centers under the direction of the Office of Public Instruction.  Any other high school equivalency not issued by the OPI or another jurisdictional GED testing authority may be of dubious value and may not be accepted by employers, colleges and universities, or the military.

What Are The Tests?
The GED tests are five tests in the areas of writing skills, social studies, science, literature and the arts,and mathematics. The questions in each of these tests require you to use general knowledge and thinking skills. Few questions ask about facts, details, and definitions. The GED tests are designed to measure the important knowledge and skills, usually learned during four years of high school, that you may have obtained in a different manner.

What Are The Tests Like?
With the exception of Part II of the Writing Skills Tests, which requires you to write an essay, all questions on the GED tests are multiple choice with five possible answers given. The questions range in difficulty from easy to hard, and cover a wide range of subjects.

How to Prepare?
Many adult education programs sponsored by local school districts, colleges, and even community organizations, provide the instruction you may need for the tests. You can talk to the teachers at these adult education programs to decide whether you need to study for all of the tests. Libraries and bookstores also carry GED study materials.
Who Can Test?
Minimum Age: 17; Applicants 17 or 18 years of age must provide the Test Center with documentation of the following: 1. Official School Withdrawal Document. 2. Official School Withdrawal Document with Approval to take GED Test--required for an applicant out of school less than 90 days. 3. Original Letter of Approval indicating applicant's high school class has been graduated. 4. Original Letter of Approval indicating applicant has not attended school out of state and has been advised of local in-school options.
Waiver of Minimum Age Requirement:
Applicants 16 years of age, under special circumstances, may apply for a waiver provided following criteria can be documented: 1. Completed, signed, and notarized 16 year old Waiver Application Form with required school documentation attached demonstrating consensus of applicant, school officials, and applicant's parent/legal guardian that the GED program is considered in the best interest of applicant. 2. Original letter, on official letterhead, signed by Adult Basic Education (ABE) Director certifying applicant has been enrolled in GED classes and is academically prepared for the GED test. 3. Letter of documentation, on official letterhead, establishing applicant's need to obtain a GED at age 16 from one of the following: higher education admissions officer, employer requiring GED, military recruiting official.
Method of Applying:
Applicants must meet minimum age and residency requirements. Applications for testing must be completed at nearest official GED Testing Center; photo identification and proof of age are required.
Cost of the Test:
Testing at Official GED Testing Centers costs $55.00. Retesting is $14.00 for Language Arts/Writing (includes essay component) and $7.00 per section for Language Arts/Reading; Mathematics; Science and Social Studies.
No Charge Official GED Transcripts:
Requirements of Retesting: 1. A one-month waiting period is required before an applicant may retake the GED Test. A waiting period of three months is required for any subsequent retest. 2. Retests must be administered in a test form not previously taken by the examinee. 3. Retests may not be administered in a subtest section prior to completion of the entire test battery unless requested in writing by the GED chief or alternate examiner. 4. GED candidates who previously attained a high school equivalency credential may retest if higher scores are required for employment or admission to a postsecondary institution. Retesting for this purpose requires prior approval from the state GED administrator. Candidates must show proof that retesting is necessary.
Requesting a Duplicate GED Transcript:
A Request for a Duplicate Transcript must be sent to the following address:
PO BOX 202501
HELENA, MT 59620-2501
In your letter of request, please include the following Information:
  1. Name Under Which You Tested
  2. City Where Tested
  3. Year Tested
  4. Name Now (Provide if different than above)
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Social Security Number
  7. Present Mailing Address
  8. Signature and Date
  9. Self addressed, stamped envelope
Debbie Casey Montana GED Program Specialist (406) 444-4438
Margaret Bowles Montana GED Administrator (406) 444-4443
T.J. Eyer Division Administrator   (406) 444-7915