GED TEST - New Hampshire High School Equivalency Diploma



Where can I take the GED?

The GED test is given at seventeen local testing centers in New Hampshire .   Each one sets up its own testing schedule and procedures for registration.  


To find out where testing centers are located, call the GED Testing Office at (603) 271-6699 or look at the list:  GED Testing Centers in New Hampshire.



Do I have to go to a GED class?

No.   Some testing centers require that you pass a practice test before you sign up for the official GED, but there is no requirement that you attend classes.   Some people may have the skills to do well on the GED without taking a class.


If you want to take some classes or work with a tutor to improve your skills, we can tell you where there are adult education classes.   Call the Bureau of Adult Education at (603) 271-6698 or look at the the section on Preparation for the GED Tests.


Can I study on my own?

Yes, you can find GED study books at most libraries and book stores.


Can I take the GED Tests on the internet?

No.  A New Hampshire GED Certificate of High School Equivalency cannot be obtained via the Internet or through correspondence programs.  Please see the warning about GED internet testing. 

How much does the GED cost?

It's $65 at every New Hampshire testing center.   (Testing centers that give practice tests may have a separate fee for the practice test, usually $10 or $15.)


Do I have to be a resident of New Hampshire ?

You must be a resident of New Hampshire to receive a New Hampshire GED certificate.   If you are from another state, you should talk with the GED administrator in your state to see if they can accept results from New Hampshire before you plan to test here.


Do I have to be a citizen?

You do not have to be a citizen to take the GED, but you must be a New Hampshire resident and have a photo ID.


How long does it take to get the results after a person takes the GED Tests?

The tests are scored by National Scoring Service.   It usually takes about two weeks for your testing center to get the results.  


How old do you have to be to take the GED Tests?

According to New Hampshire rules, you have to be 18 years old, or your class has to have graduated.   If you are 16 or 17 and you have withdrawn from school, you may request a waiver permitting you to test before your 18 th birthday.    See more information under Information for Out-of-school Youth under the Age of 18.


I've been home schooled and I need to take the GED to be eligible for college.   What can I do?


Home schooled students who are under 18 must write a letter requesting permission.   Instead of a notice of withdrawal and a letter from a school official, a home schooled student can ask the school district that has overseen his/her schooling to send a statement that he/she has been home schooled.   The GED office can provide a form to make that easier.   See Information for Home Schooled Applicants.


How do I get a GED transcript?


We need to receive a written request from you, and there is a $5 fee.   You can print a request form, fill it out, and mail it with a check or money order for $5 payable to State of New Hampshire to GED Testing, NH Department of Education, Division of Adult Learning and Rehabilitation, 21 South Fruit Street, Suite 20, Concord , NH 03301 .   Your transcript request will be processed within two business days of receipt.   You may print a GED Transcript Request Form.