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Tests of General Educational Development (GED®)

Frequently Asked Questions About GED

Q: What are the GED tests?
A: The GED (General Educational Development) tests are designed by a national organization to measure skills and concepts associated with four years of regular high school instruction. Each test is developed by adult and secondary educators and subject matter specialists. Each of the five tests corresponds to the general framework of most high school curricula: writing skills, social studies, science, interpreting literature and the arts, and mathematics:

Candidates testing on the Spanish and French editions of the GED Tests are also required to demonstrate fluency in English by passing the GED English Proficiency Test 6 with a minimum score of 40.

Q: Who is eligible for the GED tests?
The GED tests are intended primarily for persons who, for any number of reasons, have missed their first opportunity to complete a high school program of instruction. The GED tests can be administered only to persons who are at least 16 years old; have not graduated from an accredited high school or received a high school equivalency certificate or diploma; and are not currently enrolled in a regular high school. If you are 16 or 17 years old, you must complete a Certificate of Consent to Participate, verifying that you are not enrolled in school. If you have a legal guardian, you must bring a copy of the court document awarding guardianship. Written confirmation of eligibility must be provided by all candidates. You must bring two pieces of identification: (1) The primary identification must be government-issued with a date of birth, photograph, address, and signature, such as a drivers license or valid passport. (2) The secondary identification must be a document that verifies the government identification, including your name and address, such as automotive registration or auto insurance ID.

Q: How do I sign up for the GED tests?
GED tests may be taken only at the GED Testing Centers and at other sites approved by the New Jersey Department of Education and GED Testing Service. There are certain restrictions on testing, and special accommodations are available for qualified persons. You must contact the testing center where you wish to take the GED tests to find out when the tests are scheduled and how to register for them.

Q: How do I request special accommodations for GED testing?
If you are a qualified candidate with a Specific Learning Disability (SLD), a physical disability, or a psychological disability, you can ask for a special edition of the GED tests, or modifications to the test administration that will help you to take the GED tests. The passing score requirements are the same for all candidates. Ask a local GED Testing Center for the correct form and return the completed form to the chief examiner at the local GED Testing Center where you intend to take the GED tests. Further information regarding special accommodation for GED testing can be found on this Web site

Q: What are the GED test scores?
In order to qualify for a New Jersey state-endorsed high school diploma, candidates must meet the minimum test score requirements. There are three different periods of time during which the requirements differed slightly. The most recent set of requirements was adopted by the New Jersey State Board of Education effective April 1, 2005 in order to align New Jersey’s requirements with national standards. Prior to April 1, 2005, the scores were based on those adopted January 1, 2002. Preceding those, the 1988 to 2001 requirements were in effect. Test scores are kept as part of a person's permanent GED testing record and all scores are confidential.

Q: How do I obtain a copy of my transcript?
An official GED transcript has an original raised seal and original signature of the certifying authority. The transcript also verifies whether a person has qualified for a New Jersey state-issued high school diploma. To obtain a transcript, the person who took the test must: (1) complete in full the GED Information Request Form with a legible signature granting permission to release information; and (2) enclose a $5.00 money order payable to the Commissioner of Education for each forwarding address requested. Personal checks and credit card payments are not permitted.

Q: Where can I take the GED test?
All of the GED Testing Centers in New Jersey are listed by county on this Web site. Individuals must phone or visit the center of their choice to find out when the tests are given and how to register.

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