GED TEST - Ohio High School Equivalency Diploma

General Educational Development (GED) Frequently Asked Questions

  • The General Educational Development (GED) Test provides many Ohioans who did not finish high school an opportunity to earn an Ohio High School Equivalence Diploma. Like a regular high school diploma, the GED diploma gives the diploma holder the opportunity to obtain employment, to apply for career advancement, to pursue higher education goals, or to reach a personal goal. Earning an Ohio GED High School Equivalence Diploma is something to be proud of!

What is the minimum age to take the Ohio GED?

  • In order to take the Ohio GED, an applicant must be at least 19 years of age, unless the applicant is between the age of 16-18 and qualifies for one of the age exceptions listed in the Ohio Administrative Code (OAC) §3301-41-01. To see the GED Age Requirements, use the left navigation bar to return to the General Educational Development (GED) page and then click on GED Age Requirements or refer to the GED application form.

Where can I get an Ohio GED application?

  • The Ohio GED application can be printed from this Web site. Use the left navigation bar to return to the General Educational Development (GED) page and then click on GED Application, Age Waiver and Parental Consent Forms. The Ohio application fee is $55.00 and this fee is non-refundable once we receive your application and fee. This fee may be waived by taking and passing the Official GED Practice Test at an approved Fee Waiver Site. For a list of available Fee Waiver Sites in your area, use the left navigation bar to return to the General Educational Development page and then click on GED Fee Waiver Sites.

What are the minimum scores required for earning an Ohio GED High School Equivalence Diploma?

  • There are two scoring requirements an applicant must achieve to earn an Ohio GED.
  • The applicant must earn a minimum total score of 2250 points; and
    The applicant must earn a minimum sub-test score of 410 points on each of the five subjects.
    NOTE: Earning 410 points on each of the sub-test subjects does NOT meet the minimum total score requirement of 2250 points.
  • The five subjects tested on the GED are Language Arts-Writing, Language Arts-Reading, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics. All tests are based on a 12th-grade curriculum.

Where can I find study materials for the GED?

  • GED preparation materials are available in most public libraries, in many bookstores, in adult education centers (free classes), or on the Internet by doing a GED search. For additional preparation information, use the left navigation bar to return to the General Educational Development (GED) page and then click on GED Preparation Classes.

How do I get an official certified copy of my GED scores?

  • The State GED Office is the only office that can issue an official GED transcript of scores earned on the Ohio GED. To print a copy of the form needed to request a transcript, use the left navigation bar to return to the General Educational Development (GED) page and then click on Official GED Transcripts Available Upon Written Request. After completing this form, applicants must attach the proper payment amount (money orders only) and send both items to the address shown on the form.

Can I retake the GED test if I do not pass?

  • Yes. Applicants who do not earn a GED may retake the GED after the date printed on the GED score report they receive in the mail. It is important for applicants to be prepared when they retest, since they can only take the GED three times in any one calendar year. To issue an Ohio GED, the GED Office uses the highest sub-test scores earned on all GED tests taken beginning January 1, 2002. Therefore, the highest score earned will remain the same or increase; it cannot be lowered.

Are there accommodations available when taking the Ohio GED?

  • Yes. With prior approval from the State GED Office, an applicant with a qualifying learning disability, ADD or ADHD, and/or a temporary or permanent mental or physical disability can qualify for accommodations when taking the GED. Call the nearest GED Testing Center to obtain the appropriate forms for completion and submission to the State GED Office.
  • At your request, the GED testing center Chief Examiner will send you an accommodation form. When you receive these forms from the GED testing center, you must complete the applicant's section and forward them to your treating certifying professional (physician, psychologist or psychiatrist) for completion. The certifying professional must complete the certifying professional's section of the form and forward them back to the originating GED testing center, with any supporting documentation attached. The GED testing center will inspect the materials for completeness and then forward all materials to the State GED Office for review. The State GED Office will issue a written response to you and to the Chief Examiner of the GED testing site, detailing whether or not any special accommodations are approved for GED testing.

Can a person from out of state or out of country take the GED test in Ohio?

  • Yes. Any person can take the GED test in Ohio if he or she has a valid driver license from any state or a passport. Before registering for the GED test, the student must apply and pay the $55.00 application fee. Only Ohio residents may obtain a fee waiver through a practice center.
  • Each non-Ohioan that passes the GED test will receive an Official GED Transcript. They will not receive a diploma. Students may use the Official GED Transcript as proof of passing the GED test, which is equal to having a high school diploma.

Can a Foreign Exchange Student take the GED test?

  • Yes, if they are 19 years of age or older. However, 16-, 17- and 18-year-olds must meet all Ohio Department of Education GED Age Requirements.

What are the office hours for the State GED office?

  • Ohio's GED office is open Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. The office is closed on state holidays.