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What are GED Tests?

The GED Tests are designed to measure the skill and concepts generally associated with four years of regular high school instruction. The GED Test is a battery of five test which can be administered only through an official GED Testing Center. The GED Tests provide an opportunity to earn a high school equivalency diploma in an alternative mode, a credential recognized as a key to educational and financial awards.

Eligibility Requirements

The applicant must be at least 18 years of age and not have received a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate. Individuals who are seventeen (17) may be tested, providing the applicant:
1. presents to the Test Examiner an age waiver signed by the superintendent of the school system where the applicant resides, and
2. is not presently enrolled in high school, or
3. is currently enrolled in a state approved GED Option Program.

All applicant must present identification before testing. Driver’s licenses, valid passports, military IDs, or other forms of government issued (national or foreign) identification that show name, address, date of birth, signature, and photograph are acceptable forms of identification. Outdated identification will not be accepted. The applicant must pay the appropriate fee, not to exceed $65 for the entire battery.

Diploma Requirements

To earn a High School Equivalency Diploma the applicant must have an average score of 450 on the total test (total standard score of 2250) with no score below 410 on any of the five tests.

GED Tests in Various Languages

The GED is available in English, Spanish, or French. Also, special tests for the visually impaired may be provided.

Special Testing Needs

To ensure that handicapping conditions of some candidates do not prevent their being tested or tested fairly, special testing accommodations have been made available. Extended time, individualized testing, frequent breaks, use of a calculator, adjustable furniture or use of the audio cassette version are some examples of specialized testing. However, the GED Testing Service in Washington, D.C. requires documentation for the need of such accommodations. Specific learning disabilities must be documented by a licensed professional with experience and training in diagnosing specific learning disabilities. For information concerning special testing accommodations, please contact your local testing center.


An individual may test three times during any one contract year. An individual may retest after a 30-day waiting period with the following exceptions:
1. the local test center policy allows the time period to be waived due to unusual circumstances.
2. the individual is enrolled in an adult education program and the instructor requests a waiver on the time period. The practice test must be given with an adequate score achieved to request the wavier.

Duplicate Diplomas

If the original diploma is lost, a duplicate diploma may be obtained by contacting the test center where the exam was administered.

Transcript Requests

If a copy of the transcript is needed for enrolling in school or for job placement, contact the test center where exam was administered.

Free GED Preparatory Classes

Free GED preparatory classes are available throughout the state of Tennessee. For further information, contact the local Adult Education office or the Office of Adult Education at the Department of Labor and Workforce Development, GED Office --telephone: 615-741-7054 or 1-800-531-1515.