GED TEST - Virginia High School Equivalency Diploma

How old do I have to be to take the tests?

In general, you must be 18 years old and out of school to take the GED. In some cases, exceptions are made for people age 16-17. A Virginia GED Helpline counselor can help you determine if you can take the test. Call 1-877-37-MY-GED (1-877-376-9433) for toll-free assistance.

Do I have to live in Virginia?

You must be a Virginia resident to take the Virginia GED, but you can have moved here very recently. If you don't live here but are involved in an adult education or workplace program, you may also be able to take the Virginia test.

How can I practice and study for the tests?

There are many study and practice options available, including classes in your area, online classes, and even television programs.

There are no classes near me. What can I do?

There are other ways to prepare for your GED. Call the Virginia GED Helpline at 1-877-37-MY-GED (1-877-376-9433) for more information about computer and television study classes.

What are some test-taking tips?

There are some things you can do to improve your test-taking skills. PBS LiteracyLink has some great test-taking tips to improve your chances.

What subjects does the GED cover?

The GED is a series of five tests with questions covering reading, writing, mathematics, social studies, and science.

What must I score to pass the tests?

Candidates need a standard score of 410 in order to pass each of the individual GED tests and an overall average score of 450 for the five-test battery. To receive a 410 standard score on an individual GED test, candidates generally need to answer 60 to 65 percent of the questions correctly.

Where can I go to take the GED tests?

To find a testing center near you, click on the Register tab on this site. You will also find information about GED testing at the Virginia's Department of Education's website.

I have some disabilities. Can I get help taking the tests?

Yes. Accommodations can be made for those people needing assistance taking the test. A counselor at the Virginia GED Helpline can give you more specific information. Call 1-877-37-MY-GED (1-877-376-9433) for toll-free assistance.

What do my test scores mean?

A counselor at the Virginia GED Helpline can discuss your scores with you and help you understand what your test results mean. Call 1-877-37-MY-GED (1-877-376-9433) for toll-free assistance.

I didn't pass the tests. Now what?

You can have other chances to pass the tests. A counselor at the Virginia GED Helpline can help you decide how to best prepare and retake the tests. Call 1-877-37-MY-GED (1-877-376-9433) for toll-free assistance.

I lost my transcripts/certificate. What should I do?

Call the Department of Education's GED Database Administrator at 804-786-4642 or 1-800-292-3820. Or you can fill out this GED Transcript/Certificate request form and return it to the address listed on the form along with a check or money order.

What is the Race to GED?

Race to GED is a workforce initiative of the Office of Adult Education and Literacy, Virginia Department of Education that supports economic growth and development in Virginia by increasing the number of GED credentials issued each year.

Adult Education programs in Virginia are actively engaged in the Race to GED initiative that incorporates an innovative approach to adult education based on two instructional programs: GED Fast Track and GED Prep. These two instructional programs test what a person already knows and provide tailored instruction to prepare adults for success on GED Tests. The time it takes to earn a GED is dramatically shortened, from one year required in traditional adult education, to three months or less with GED Fast Track and only 180 days with GED Prep.

I have more questions. What now?

Call a counselor at the Virginia GED Helpline at 1-877-37-MY GED (1-877-376-9433) for answers to your questions or find answers to other frequently asked questions from the GED Testing Service.