GED TEST - District of Columbia High School Equivalency Diploma

What's a GED?

The General Educational Development Credential (GED) is a nationally recognized measure of high school knowledge and skills. Passing the GED test battery gives people from all walks of life another chance to earn a high school credential from the District of Columbia.

Why take the GED Exam?
The GED Exam can be the key to employment advancement, further education and increased self-esteem. The GED Credential earned through passing the GED Exam is accepted by 95% of United States employers, colleges, and universities.

What are the GED Tests?
The GED Exam covers five core subject areas required in a traditional high school curriculum. With the exception of Language Arts - Writing Skills, which requires one to write an essay, and the Mathematics Test, which has open-ended questions that require that some of the answers be entered on to an Alternative Grid or a Coordinate Plane, all of the questions on the GED Test are multiple choice with five possible answers given.

The questions range in difficulty from easy to hard, and cover a wide variety of subjects. The following table provides the number of questions and time limits on the GED Exam.

Language Arts,
Writing Part I
50 questions
75 minutes
Language Arts, Writing Part I
45 minutes
Social Studies
50 questions
70 minutes
50 questions
80 minutes
Language Arts, Reading
40 questions
65 minutes
Mathematics, Part I
25 questions with optional use of a calculator
45 minutes
Mathematics, Part I
25 questions without a calculator
45 minutes