GED TEST - Washington High School Equivalency Diploma

About the GED Tests

  • GED stands for General Educational Development.
  • The GED tests are a measure of high school equivalency in the areas of writing skills, social studies, science, reading skills, and mathematics.
  • GED completion requires passing all five tests. (See descriptions below.)
  • Most colleges and employers accept a GED certificate as being equivalent to a high school diploma.
  • NOTE - There will be a new set of GED tests beginning on Jan. 1, 2011. If you do not complete all 5 tests before that date, you will need to repeat any single tests you have taken.

How to Register for the GED Tests

  • If you are in a GED or Career Link class, your instructor will sign you up for testing.
  • If you are NOT in a class, follow these steps:
    • Get a student ID number (SID) at Registration.
    • Pick up a GED application packet from Student Assessment Services room RSB 76, in the Robert Smith Building . (RSB map)
    • Fill out the forms in the packet, using your SID; return to Student Assessment Services in RSB 76.
    • If you are below the age of 19, ask for a "Request for Approval to Test" form which must be completed by an official of your school district before you may test.
    • Pick a day and time for your test. (See Testing Calendar.)
    • Schedule your test by calling 206-768-6767.
    • Pay test fee at the Cashier window in Registration. Save your receipt and bring it to testing! (See fee schedule and Cashier's office hours.)

On Test Day
  • Arrive 15-20 minutes early for check in, tests begin promptly. Late arrivals must reschedule.
  • Bring receipt showing payment and Washington State photo ID

Question Answer
Did I pass? Minimum passing score on any test is 410. A passing score for the entire 5 test series is 2,250 points. Earning an average score of 450 on the tests assures a total score of 2,250.
Not achieving a 410 score? Review subject matter, then retest. (You have 3 test opportunities per subject each calendar year.)
Need to raise your average? Re-test in your most confident subject.
When do I get my scores? Allow one business day for scores. Scores will either be sent to your instructor or to you by mail. Allow one week for writing scores. Scores are NOT given over the phone.
When do I get my certificate? Allow two weeks after your last test for your certificate to arrive.

The Five GED Test Components

    Language Arts - Reading
    • has 40 multiple choice questions
    • has excerpts from fiction and non fiction
    • is 65 minutes
    Language Arts - Writing
    • includes 50 multiple choice questions and an essay
    • is 75 minutes for multiple choice
    • is 45 minutes for a 200 - 250 word essay
    • has 50 multiple choice questions
    • is 80 minutes
    • covers general concepts; short readings that may include a graph, chart
    Social Studies
    • has 50 multiple choice questions
    • is 70 minutes
    • covers history, economics, geography, civics and government
    • has 50 questions
    • is 90 minutes - 45 minutes for each part
    • covers number operations, geometry, statistics, algebra
    • Part 1: CASIO fx-260 calculator permitted; supplied by testing center
    • Part 2: no calculator permitted

Practice GED Tests

View sample questions and information for GED test takers including a video of the GED calculator (CASIO fx-260) use.

Students can use the following online resources to take GED practice tests
      Social Studies:

GED prep courses with classroom instruction are offered here at South and at the NewHolly Learning Center on Beacon Hill.

Books are also available in libraries and bookstores that help you prepare.